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Alzheimer duration

Alzheimer’s disease lasts approximately 10 years from its diagnosis. This disease consists of a deterioration of brain cells. It is a disease with no cure today. But thanks to advances it is possible to significantly improve this deterioration. Alzheimer’s nutrition – > > food supplement Improving the duration of Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s current treatment. We have … Read more

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Alzheimer’s current treatment

Alzheimer’s treatment Alzheimer’s current treatment Alzheimer’s disease currently affects thousands of people. It is a degenerative disease that causes brain cells to die and consequently produces cognitive deterioration. It manifests itself mainly in people over 65 years old and although there are currently advances and treatments, all of them are palliative but not curative treatments. … Read more

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Parkinson’s treatment

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease that causes stiffness, tremors, slowness of movement and other alterations. This is because this disease causes the neurons that produce dopamine to die slowly. As a treatment for Parkinson’s the most prescribed treatment is levodopa, a chemical that enters the brain and is converted into dopamine. In addition to medical … Read more

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What is collagen for?

What is collagen and what is it for As we age, our body reduces the production of collagen, a protein that is part of the tissues (ligaments, joints, skin, etc.). It gives them elasticity and cohesion. Hence, from a certain age, taking collagen becomes a necessity. In this other post ‘what is collagen‘ we already … Read more

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What is collagen?

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen? Why does collagen have so many followers? You’ve heard of it a thousand times, but do you really know what collagen is? We affirm that elasticity and solidity are its strengths. Want to know more? This questionnaire will help you a lot to understand how good this asset is for your … Read more

Benefits of Collagen

Discover the benefits of collagen Many people consider that to maintain beautiful skin for longer, it is necessary to take collagen daily after a certain age. Normally from 30 onwards, to respond to this need. That is why in this post we indicate the benefits of collagen and encourage you to try it. Often, we … Read more

what is the best collagen?

Many of you will have heard about the relevance of collagen for our body, and especially how good it is so much to keep our skin young for the health of our joints. The advantages of its intake and its success in the fight against the aging of bones, ligaments, cartilage and skin are proven. … Read more

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Regrow the lost hair

How to Regrow the Lost Hair? There are precautionary methods that partially prevent hair loss, but do you consider that it is possible to regrow the lost hair? Do AIDS treatments work? In this blog post we will review some options that exist today. This question is asked by many, it is true that science … Read more

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anti-hair loss

anti-hair loss treatments Hair loss has multiple treatments and only through a specialized evaluation will you be able to perceive a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment for each case. (You may be interested in: what is the best collagen) The hair loss affects, and a lot, almost the entire society. It begins as a matter … Read more

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The C Vitamin boom, due to the COVID pandemic

Currently the consumption in anti-flu pharmacies has decreased and the consumption of dietary supplements with vitamin C has risen exponentially.

ZafireLabs Vitamin C + Zinc tablets with a pleasant orange taste.

The consumption of Vitamin C stimulates the body so that the defenses are “in shape” so it contributes to improve the normal functioning of the immune system.

Contributes to energy metabolism, nervous system, psychological function, etc.

It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and also improves the absorption of iron.

Contributes to collagen formation for normal functioning > > Blood vessels> > Bones > > Cartilage>> Skin>>

Teeth Vitamin C is an essential element to keep us healthy both physically and psychologically.

See MCC report on vitamin C consumption