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what is the best collagen?

Many of you will have heard about the relevance of collagen for our body, and especially how good it is so much to keep our skin young for the health of our joints. The advantages of its intake and its success in the fight against the aging of bones, ligaments, cartilage and skin are proven. In this post: what collagen is for we tell you more.

The moment we decide to take a collagen-based supplement, we are faced with the problem of which one to select. Not every collagen supplement on the market is the same. Before deciding on one, we want you to read some advice to select a good collagen:

We show you what is the best collagen and how to choose it


We must select one that is enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamins. To a collagen supplement is added hyaluronic acid to ensure its absorption and bioavailability, and vitamins for maximum use of the compound in the body.

Hyaluronic acid: Guarantees absorption and bioavailability.
Vitamins and minerals: They guarantee a greater use of the compound in the body.


You can choose a collagen that with a single intake fulfills its functions or a collagen that needs to be ingested multiple times a day in order to have an effect. Low bioavailability collagens should be taken multiple times a day. Therefore, always look for a collagen that guarantees that with just one intake a day the peptides will be present in the blood between 24 and 48 hours. This only happens with high bioavailability collagens.

Where to buy a quality collagen supplement?

At Zafirelabs we have been innovating and providing the highest quality in each of our products for more than 10 years. That is why our product ‘Collagen Instant‘ is one of our best-selling products. A food supplement with bioassimilable and fast-absorbing hydrolyzed collagen that promotes the proper functioning of muscles and bones in addition to other benefits.

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