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What is collagen?

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Why does collagen have so many followers?

You’ve heard of it a thousand times, but do you really know what collagen is? We affirm that elasticity and solidity are its strengths. Want to know more?

This questionnaire will help you a lot to understand how good this asset is for your skin, but if in addition to this you know by heart its benefits and how to incorporate it into your care routine, are you ready to be the leader of collagen among your friends?

collagen properties

the properties of collagen are summarized in:

  • · Hydration
  • · Volume
  • · Elasticity
  • · Firmness
  • · Resistance.

what is it for?

What does collagen do and what is it for? Its mission is to form fibers, from which the primordial structures of the organism are created. In short, it is like the framework of our body. It holds the different fabrics together and makes them solid and resistant.

What exactly is collagen?

It is the most abundant structural protein in our body. In truth, it is an integral part of each and every muscle and bone. So much so that it is calculated that, of each and every one of the proteins present in our body, a quarter are collagen, so imagine if it is essential.

Why do we need it?

It acts as a support for the fibers of the dermis. In this way, it influences the fact that our skin is firm and flexible.

When do we need collagen supplementation?

From the age of thirty-five onwards it may be a good time to start taking collagen food supplements.

Why was this? As with other natural components of our body such as hyaluronic acid, as we approach the thirties the production of this protein begins to reduce and that scarcity takes its toll in the form of lack of solidity, appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, less lighting and other cuteties that make us lose strenght. lozanía. Hence, dermatological treatments and collagen-based cosmetic products are essential to face the relentless passage of time in an effective way.

You already know what collagen is, what it’s for, and even if its natural production decreases, you can boost it with collagen-based supplements like our Zafire Nutrytion Instant Hydrolyzed Collagen.

what is collagen

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