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anti-hair loss

anti-hair loss treatments

Hair loss has multiple treatments and only through a specialized evaluation will you be able to perceive a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment for each case.

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The hair loss affects, and a lot, almost the entire society. It begins as a matter of aesthetics that becomes an obsession; it can seriously affect our sensitive balance. Already before worrying more about the bill, one should make sure that it is not a seasonal fall related to the phases of hair development. If so, the assessment of a dermatologist-tricologist is necessary in order to make an accurate diagnosis on the disturbance suffered.

Androgenic anti-hair loss

First, it is essential to highlight that although there are more than one hundred genera of alopecia, the most widespread is androgenic. Its main characteristic is that it is influenced by genetic and hormonal factors or other transients derived from anxiety, stress or depression.

This type of hair loss is essentially related to genetics or hormonal disorders and stress or depression strengthen it. There are assertions such as that washing your hair every day, dyes, dryers, irons, etc. favor hair loss but the reality is that none of them influences.

Recovering fallen hair is a priority for many today. However, even more alarming than the false information circulating about the causes of hair loss is the one that refers to the possibility of ‘curing‘ it. “Hair loss is a health problem that requires a convenient diagnosis to provide the treatment indicated in each and every case,” says Ricart. “However, we are seeing more and more patients in the hair loss clinic who attend after having undergone multiple treatments for hair loss without result. All for not having received an adequate assessment or real anti-fall treatment. ” This means, at best, the loss of time and money; and at worst, to be able to exacerbate the inconvenience.

The Lies of Anti-hair loss Shampoos

One of the most representative examples is anti-hair loss shampoo. “They are undoubtedly the greatest representatives of the hairy placebo effect. There is no shampoo on the planet that penetrates from root to tip. ” Horse shampoo is also a marketing strategy. “They can contribute to the progress of hair aesthetics but do not penetrate the root, which is where androgenetic hair loss is generated,” say the experts.

Another frequent hoax is to cut your hair more often or shave to zero. The shaving only favors a hardening of the hair to the touch and over a short period. In no case does it have the paranormal effect of making it grow faster and stronger.

Real anti-hair loss solutions

anti hair loss

In the case of androgenetic hair loss (more than 80% of cases) there are only pharmacological treatments that guarantee real improvement. Treatments such as DisaBrands Capillary Anticaida Patch, a patch format treatment that releases its ingredients gradually, achieving a sustained and constant action. You haven’t tried it yet? Click here and discover this AIDS treatment that does WORK!