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NutryBrain Vanilla flavor


Boat 454 gr.

Revolutionary product, suitable for diabetics, which naturally contributes an extra amount of ketones in the blood thanks to its high concentration in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), in those situations in which a deficit of ketone generation is identified or is I need a contribution that through a habitual diet is not possible to achieve, especially in those people who suffer from disorders related to degenerative diseases in mild or moderate states or other disorders related to syndromes of lack of attention, exhaustion or chronic fatigue, favoring the generation of ketones and providing the essential nutrients to feed the brain and improve the cognitive system.


  • It is suitable for the development of modular diets. In addition, thanks to its special mixture of vitamins and minerals, it helps to obtain an extra contribution that in people of advanced age or who in special circumstances require an additional contribution.
  • Being a food supplement, it is possible to combine with other specialized medical treatments to treat certain diseases or other aforementioned disorders, as it provides nutrients easily with delicious flavors and innovative presentations, without having to add another dose of additional medication to nourish brain.
  • It is a perfect complement for adults because it provides a complex vitamin and mineral broad spectrum very necessary for people with this type of disease or symptoms thereof, where the feeding is a crucial point to control so that the disease does not advance and degenerate in greater evils.
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